Residential Delivery Services

sfwash is the fastest, most reasonably priced, and highest-quality laundry service in San Francisco.  All wash and fold orders are returned the next day (you can also request same-day service for a $5 fee), and if we have a key to your building we can return your dry cleaning/wash and press next day as well. You can also email us to arrange a different delivery day and time if it’s more convenient for you.

You can drop off your laundry at the Wash Place (3377 Mission St. @ 30th St) for only $1.10 per pound. We also offer expedited service, see below for details.

Our base wash-and-fold rate for Route customers is $1.45 per pound. A typical dry cleaning item costs between $6 and $6.50 and a laundered shirt is $2.85See below for more details.

There is no charge for pickup and delivery, but each order has a minimum charge depending on the level of service and there is a $5 surcharge for orders in the Park Merced and Bayview Hunters Point areas. Please see our “Special Offers” page for further discounts and our “Commercial Services” page for information on pricing for businesses.

1) Join the Route! If you give us a key (or other means of access) to your building AND schedule a recurring pickup (it can be once a day, once a month, or anything in between), we charge only $1.45 per pound with a $33 minimum charge (dry cleaning and wash-and-press counts towards the minimum charge for all service levels). There is no long-term contract and you can change or cancel a pickup for no charge any time up to 7PM the night before pickup.

2) If you give us a key to your building, but don’t have a scheduled recurring pickup, we charge $1.50 per pound with a $35 minimum charge. Please give us access if you can: you save money and we save gas! We currently have access to hundreds of buildings in SF.

3) If we don’t have a key to your building and we pickup during a time window you schedule, we charge $1.60 per pound of wash-and-fold laundry with a $36.99 minimum charge.

4) If you drop off your laundry at The Wash Place at 3377 Mission Street, we charge $1.10 per pound. We also offer same-day service for $1.25 per pound; six-hour service is $1.30 per pound; and four-hour service is $1.40 per pound. For expedited service, orders must be dropped off before 4PM Monday through Friday. We are open from 10AM to 10PM Monday through Friday and 10AM to 4PM on weekends. WE ALSO OFFER DISCOUNTED SERVICE FOR DISABLED PERSONS WHO LIVE NEAR OUR LAUNDROMATS, PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL FOR DETAILS.

Please pay the driver upon delivery. To pay with a credit card, please register or update your credit card information before your order is delivered. Remember, there is a $10 fee for missed appointments.

Dry Cleaning
We charge $6 for most shirts, blouses, pants, sweaters, scarves, and vests. We charge $6.75 for jackets and blazers. We charge $4.50 for ties. We charge between $9 and $14 for most coats, overcoats, dresses, and raincoats depending on size. Larger items may cost more, please email for details. We also dry clean rugs and comforters; please ask about prices for these and any other items.

Launder and Press
We charge $2.85 for laundered shirts on hangers and $3.05 for laundered shirts boxed. We charge $5 for laundered pants.

Large Items and Special Treatment
We charge a fee, in addition to weight, for large items. For comforters the fee is $10; blankets are $5-10. We also charge a $5 fee for every 10 items that we drip dry and for every 25 pounds of laundry dried on low temperature. We charge an extra $0.15/lb if you give us an order and ask us to separate laundry from dry cleaning rather than separating and labeling it yourself.

Please see our “Commercial Services” page for details about business accounts.

Please Note: We will charge a $10 fee for a missed pick-up or delivery. Customers have until 7PM the night before an appointment to cancel it, otherwise this fee will be charged.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, cash, personal checks, and PayPal. Our PayPal payment address is Payment is due upon delivery.

Prices are subject to change without notice.